Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hello, again.

Well, hi. It's been a while.

I've gained 15+ pounds.
Oh, and moved southeast a few states.
Not that that is an excuse.

I'm not pleased. And now it's two days before glorious Thanksgiving and I'm anxious to uncover skinny Rebecca
Have you ever noticed how this desire is stronger at nigh?.

As we sat watching a show, I said to my husband, "It's time to dig up Skinny Me." So I googled how to conduct an archeological excavation while remembering the awesome presentation my sister gave during job week when I was in elementary. Yes. My sister is THAT cool. She is an archeologist/anthropologist. Beat that! Ha! 

How to excavate 
  1. Make a plan
    • Why excavate? 
      • Skinny Rebecca is suffocating.
    • What questions do we want to answer? 
      • Is my happiness really linked to my size and is my size really linked to my emotions?
      • Can I lose weight without becoming obsessive?
    • How will we excavate? 
      • Crucial moments/Vital behaviors
        • Sadly, it feels like every moment of every day feels like a crucial moment. It is definitely time to go through the steps of Change Anything again.
    • How will we analyze the artifacts? 
      • Thank you, Change Anything.
    • Do I have enough time and money to write a report? 
      • You betcha.
  2. Setting out the grid
    • Give context between the artifacts (objects made or used by people) and natural features
  3. Excavating units
    • Take it a unit at a time
  4. Identify artifacts
  5. What does it all mean?
Steps 2 through 5 are coming!
Just needed to get this much out of my head tonight.
Here's to sleep,
Good night, world.