Insulin Resistance and Gestational Diabetes

In 2008, I was constantly sick. Thanks to an amazing nurse practitioner who saw the signs and did the tests, I found out I was insulin resistant and on the path to type ii diabetes. I was diagnosed with depression at the same time. It is no wonder those two things tend to go hand in hand. I was told now was the time to start eating better and exercising if I hoped to reverse what I had started. I was so gung ho for about two months. The metformin seemed to help with the way I felt and I got complacent.

Fast forward two years, pregnant. My doctor kept me on the metformin in hopes of avoiding gestational diabetes. I had high hopes. I was watched closely and tested a few weeks earlier than normal. Unfortunately because of my nausea I wasn't able to keep the glu-cola down and complete the test. So around 28 weeks, like for normal pregnancies, I went through the test again. It was a terrible experience. I prayed and prayed that it would come back negative.

I'll never forget the day I got the call. I was devastated. I'm not sure why I thought I would avoid gestational diabetes, but a girl can hope. At that point I met with a great dietitian and I learned things I wish I had been taught back in 2008.  I felt so empowered knowing exactly what I needed to do to complete a semi-healthy pregnancy. I also received the encouragement to continue the good habits after the baby came and avoid type ii diabetes for my future. I was so ready for the new life.

The last two and a half months of my pregnancy happened. I was so good at counting carbohydrates and keeping baby and me healthy. I had to inject myself in the belly with insulin two times a day and I quickly decided that was not something I wanted a part of my life ever again. I did so well.

The baby came healthy and not nearly as big as they thought. I knew I had done fairly well. And then I gave up being strict...

Looking back, it was so much easier to be good when there was another person directly dependent on what I put in my body. It shouldn't be that way. I now have a beautiful child who is still dependent on me and my example.

A few months after I gave birth, I was re-checked for insulin resistance since I had lost so much weight. Still have it. And I still need to use that as motivation to be better.

UPDATE! (11/14/13)
Gestational diabetes struck again. This time I have been less strict with myself and feeling all sorts of guilt. Every day has an "I need to be better moment." But we are five weeks in since starting my regiment and my numbers finally started staying nice over a week ago. On insulin again, which means the doctor is watching me extremely close. Three different appointments each week. (NST, regular appointment, and a biophysical profile.) It's a party. I REALLY don't want to do this for the rest of my life.
Get healthy! Get fit! Get skinny! NOW!!!
 (or in a few weeks when this baby makes his appearance.)

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  1. Significantly, disciplining the natural man in each of us makes possible a richer, a deeper, and a more enduring love of God and of His children. Love increases through righteous restraint and decreases through impulsive indulgence. (David A. Bednar)