Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Comfortable in Your Own Skin

What does it feel like to be so completely secure with your body that you would a) choose a vacation where you spend every day on the beach in a bathing suit b) take pictures that include yourself in said bathing suit with no cover up and c) publicly share said pictures?

I want this level of comfort. I want to like myself enough to be able to do that one day. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Traits for a healthier lifestyle

And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity.

 (2 Peter 1:5-7)

Weight loss requires diligence to your plan, faith that you will succeed, virtue as you don't cheat, knowledge of how to lose weight and get healthy, temperance or control over your mind and body, and patience that change will come. It is my belief that the godliness applies as well. As we gain control of our bodies we can become as God, and a healthy lifestyle is more conducive to godliness than an unhealthy one. Brotherly kindness and charity are attributes that will become a significant part of our lives as we become less focused on ourselves and more focused on others. It is easier to focus less on self when you like yourself and the way you look, though you should still try to focus on others more. Being fat is no excuse to be self centered. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Utilize your lows

"Yes, there is pain in change, but there is also great satisfaction in recognizing that progress is being achieved. Life is a series of hills and valleys and often the best growth comes in the valleys.
Elder Marvin J. Ashton

A friend of mine shared this quote and I loved it. If we keep the perspective that it is at the lowest point that we can make the greatest progress, then maybe those lowest points won't feel so desperate and difficult.
Those lowest points being when we feel the worst or weight the most.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Well, I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant so no weight loss journey for me currently.
I can't even say this pregnancy was the same as the first. I haven't lost weight. I did in the first trimester but have successfully made it back up to my prepregnancy weight plus a bit. So much for pregnancy being my weight loss method of choice.

As I near the end of this pregnancy, I am getting excited about the weight loss journey I want to undertake.
I do believe I am ready to publicly share real numbers as I weigh in and try to get to a healthy spot.
Why the change of heart you ask?
If you recall, I wouldn't share actual weights when I began this blog in January of this year.

In July, one of my grandfathers passed away followed by his sweetheart, my grandma, in October. 
I've thought a lot about the resurrection.
As a younger person, I just thought of the resurrection as an awesome do over. My body would be returned (notice I use the word "returned") to its perfected form and all would be well for the rest of eternity. Who cared about my body issues and insecurities or my treat binge. Someday, I would have the body I craved. I've realized how inaccurate, and unhealthy, this attitude is. I want my family to be able to recognize me on the other side of the veil, and recognizing myself would probably be a good thing. So it is my job to get my body to a point I would gladly remain for all eternity. I'm motivated and I'm excited to make some life changes. And thanks to gestational diabetes again, I have a jump start on some healthier habits. 

This may be a lot of talk. But I really hope it isn't. So stay tuned for more regular updates and take this journey with me.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Break the cycle

Check out the article connected to the link below.

"Feeling fat?" When did this become acceptable? 

My eyes have been open. I need the cycle of poor body image to stop with me!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Commitments, Covenants, Promises

Five years ago today, I made some very personal covenants. These covenants have committed me to a specific life. I've been thinking about this all week and how much it means to me. I feel very honored to have been entrusted to keep such promises. 

I've also been thinking a lot about other commitments we make. All too often, we are good at keeping commitments to others and failing at the ones we make to ourselves. When was the last time you promised yourself you would exercise? Eat veggies? Avoid soda? Etc? And when was the last time you followed through? 

Recently, I've added a bit too much soda into my life. We resolved to give it up completely at the beginning of the year but that resolution failed in March. I have been failing ever since. But I'm ready to recommit. I know this little thing will make a big difference in my well being and in my self-trust. After all, if I can't trust myself to follow through, who can I trust?

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Sometimes I forget the potential we all possess to perpetuate healthy lifestyles.

The following story is a great illustration of just that. So many things can be perpetuated: health, optimism, kindness, truth, etc.

As we think about the imagery of succoring the weak, lifting up the hands which hang down, and strengthening feeble knees, I am reminded of a sweet seven-year-old showing her grandfather a small tomato plant she had started from seed as part of a second-grade school project.
She explained that from one tiny seed would come a plant. And if the plant were cared for, it would grow many tomatoes that would each have many seeds.
She said, “And if all of those seeds were planted and grew more tomatoes, and you planted all of those seeds, in a few seasons you would have millions of tomatoes.”
“All,” she said in amazement, “from one little seed.”
But then she said, “I almost killed my plant. I left it in a dark room and forgot to water it. When I remembered the plant, it was all wilted and dead looking. I cried because I thought of all of those millions of tomatoes that would never grow.”
She was then excited to tell her grandfather about the “miracle” that happened.
She explained, “Momma said maybe the plant wasn’t dead. Maybe all it needed was some water and some light to bring life back.
“And she was right. I gave the plant some water, and I put it in the window for light. And guess what?” she asked. “It came back to life, and now it’s going to grow millions of tomatoes!”
Her small tomato plant, so full of potential but so weakened and wilted from unintentional neglect, was strengthened and revived through the simple ministration of water and light by the little girl’s loving and caring hands."

2013 April General Conference, “This Is My Work and Glory”, Sat. Morning Session - By  M. Russell Ballard

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Family Affair

Weight loss should become a family affair. Whether or not everyone needs to lose weight, everyone can benefit from a healthier lifestyle. One family in Utah did just that. Check out the link below!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So there are these things called carbohydrates. Have you met them? They are delicious.

Well, it turns out they aren't so good for weight loss. And it turns out they are all I ever want to eat. 

Not so much the sugary candy stuff, though watermelon laffy taffys have been enjoyable lately, but the breads, crackers, and pastas. They are such a staple of our every day diet. 

Have I mentioned how much I love muffins? Just sitting here thinking about muffins... Maybe I should make some bran ones, then I don't have to feel guilty, right?

I think I enjoy carbohydrates too much...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Everything other than physical

I have to admit, the last few days have been focused on just about every type of health except physical... I did go for a walk yesterday. But some unpleasant things came up and I've been working on having a positive mental attitude along with being a forgiving stable person. I don't regret the focus. I know you have to be all around healthy to have a joyous life.

So that's where I'm currently at. I've been thinking a lot about what to post. This is the best I have on a Wednesday morning.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Weigh-In

So I weighed in last week. Not as bad as I was expecting. It's like January never happened.
Who needs January anyway, right? 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Fat One

So I'm sitting here watching The Lorax, again.

You know that scene when the Lorax and the animals steal the Once-ler's bed to put it in the river? The animals take off and the fat bear lags behind. By the time fat bear reaches the shore, the animals take off along the shore and he is left behind yet again.

So I was recently told about Couch to 5k. Pretty cool. Look it up. Anyone can become a runner!

Also, a friend shared on Facebook that during her birthday month she runs the same number of miles as the number of years she's lived. Pretty awesome! And very do-able if I spread the miles out throughout the month... Plus thank heavens March has 31 days.

I'm pretty excited about these new goals.
Does this mean I'm going running tonight, nope.
But someday! :)

Let's get rid of fat bear syndrome together! Who's with me?

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Stepped on the scale this morning and... WHAT?!?... Saw the same number I saw on January 1. Oh my goodness. How does that even happen when you are food conscientious? And I'm pretty sure it's not muscle so please refrain from that comment. Wow. Anyway, NOT looking forward to my weigh in in six days. Pretty sure I'll be reporting a gain.

So how do you deal with discouragement? What do you tell yourself to keep going when it feels like almost four months of work just went down the drain?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living with your decisions, and other people's choices

There are decisions we make that can be changed and there are decisions that can't. Correction, we can remake decisions, we can't change the way we chose in the past.

So yes, I have chosen to live a more gluttonous, low activity life in the past. That doesn't have to be my choice in the future. I can change.

But sometimes I have a hard time accepting the choices that have already been made. I beat myself up pretty good.

I struggle with others' decisions sometimes too. Now that is ridiculous! If I expect to be able to live my life the way I want, so can others. I shouldn't judge others by the template I use to judge myself. Anyway, I'm rambling a bit.

I guess the basis of this post isn't just about the way I feel about my body. It is my emotional health and a confession: sometimes I don't like other people.

Monday, April 22, 2013

I exercised, did you?

Fruits of your labor

So my child LOVES The Lorax. I hear this song at least weekly.
"You can't reap what you don't sow." 
If you don't get moving and you don't work at it, 
you'll NEVER lose those extra pounds.

Also, Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bad Days

I have been absolutely terrible this weekend. You know those days where you tell yourself, "I deserve this treat," over and over again? Well, those treats add up.

A month or so ago, I read an article on CNN about a woman who lost a lot of weight. She was quoted saying, "If you have a bad day, don't make it a bad week." I really loved this quote. It is written on our fridge as a constant reminder.

Needless to say, today and yesterday have been "bad days." I really don't want to make it a bad weekend. Feeling a lack of self control. It is like once I decided to step it up by blogging for the world, my will power fell off the face of the planet. I hope you have been stronger than me!

But here's to tomorrow. It is a new day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like and do what you'd druther not.
Mark Twain

Sometimes it really does feel this way...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.
Zig Ziglar

Why a Blog?

The other day I was feeling down. Why am I not losing weight faster? Why have I doomed myself to forever be fat? Why is it so hard to be good with what I eat? Why? Why? Why?

And I had an epiphany. I needed to open myself up and write about what I'm feeling and what I'm doing to feel better. I know there are others out there that struggle. And we need to come together.

Last year, I did a happy thoughts blog where I posted a quote about happiness every day. By the end of the year, I didn't feel much happier. I took some time to think about what I thought would make me happier. High on the list, being skinny. While this sounds completely shallow, and I know I should be happy with myself the way I am, I am pretty sure being healthier and thinner will add to my happiness. So this year has been focused on that.

I know, I know. It is April 17th. Where have I been the last three and a half months? I've been gaining the courage to talk about something that is so personal. I don't believe in sharing my private life in the public sector. But I'm hoping this is just the kick in the pants that I need. If I'm accountable here, maybe I'll be successful.
Note: I have not gained the courage to share actual numbers or pictures yet. 
I'm hoping that will come because I know I will feel even more accountable.

Here's to new beginnings and getting skinny!