Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Fat One

So I'm sitting here watching The Lorax, again.

You know that scene when the Lorax and the animals steal the Once-ler's bed to put it in the river? The animals take off and the fat bear lags behind. By the time fat bear reaches the shore, the animals take off along the shore and he is left behind yet again.

So I was recently told about Couch to 5k. Pretty cool. Look it up. Anyone can become a runner!

Also, a friend shared on Facebook that during her birthday month she runs the same number of miles as the number of years she's lived. Pretty awesome! And very do-able if I spread the miles out throughout the month... Plus thank heavens March has 31 days.

I'm pretty excited about these new goals.
Does this mean I'm going running tonight, nope.
But someday! :)

Let's get rid of fat bear syndrome together! Who's with me?

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