Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week Six: - 0.6 [-2.0]

Oh it feels good to use a minus not a plus sign. We ordered our exercise bike last night. Crazy excited for its arrival on Monday. Crazy excited!!!

Change is hard. But it's healthy. I recently finished a book for the second time (The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson) and one quote really stuck out to me.

It's not imitating anything; it has become a better version of itself.

Sometimes I wonder, "am I doing this to be like _____ or _____ ? Or am I on this health journey to be a better version of myself?" On the days I'm focused on being the best me, I'm happier, less stressed. On the days the focus is imitating others, I can't be successful so I feel like an utter failure. 

Thankfully, there is One that I should focus on imitating. 
But the beauty of imitating Him is that in the process, I'll become my best version

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