Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alma 24

Alma 24

Do you have weapons of war that need to be buried in order to experience peace? Do you say hurtful things to those you love most, including yourself? Do you think negatively about yourself constantly? Do you push away those that would help you? 

Words are a powerful weapon and all too frequently my words are that of war. They are meant to cut and cause pain. The person most attacked is myself, followed by my amazing husband. I don't want to be awful and rude. It just seems to come naturally when I'm feeling awful about myself. I tend to declare war on my whole world. 

It's time to bust out the shovels and get these weapons buried deep. Now I'm not suggesting burying feelings that need real addressing, I'm saying the things we inevitably regret the moment it is said or done. The things that do zero good in our lives. 

We all have weapons we can bury. And the beauty is, if we bury them we just might give our lives to God. Producing the absolute best version of yourself in the process. 
Wouldn't it be nice to actually like yourself?

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