Wednesday, August 5, 2015

21 Day Happiness Challenge

My husband recently shared this TED talk with me and I absolutely loved it. 

Mr. Archer talks about outliers. We have a country filled with people studying the average and we forget how remarkable the outliers can be, because they are well statistically insignificant usually. I used to be an outlier. I wasn't the norm. The average. The trend. And somewhere around the time I hit adulthood, I fell in line. 

My husband and I have been following Shawn's suggestions for rewiring our brains for happiness in an attempt to reclaim our outlier status. 

And I am loving the results in only ten days! I have a notebook with pages of gratitudes and details about them and I wake up ready for my routine of exercise with scripture reading followed by some meditation. What an amazing way to start a day! 

I have been a negative soul for too long. 

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