Monday, August 3, 2015

Well, hello!

Its been a while. How are you? Also, if you are new to reading this because I finally got brave and decided to share my journey on Facebook. WELCOME! And please be gentle. I went through all of my previous posts this morning, deleting all remnants of where I gave an actual number for my weight, and I realized this blog is a culmination of a lot of my most tender feelings. I, incorrectly, connect my personal worth to what my body looks like as well as what the scale says. You will find a lot of very sad posts. I debated deleting them but I don't want to deny those feelings. For anyone who has tried to change something about yourself you don't love, you may recognize the feelings of disappointment, despair, and frustration.

The last almost five months, since I last posted, have been interesting. I have to admit it was nice to not feel like my journey was being shared publicly and thus my accountability was less. Sadly, I also gained weight. However, I read a lot of interesting material. I read a book about getting the processed foods out of our lives, I read a book about a diet program designed to be a 28 day Jumpstart. And I learned a lot. I attempted to put things into practice little by little. I didn't see much success.

However, in the last 6 weeks I have been putting into practice a different book, Change Anything, and I have lost 4 pounds and am feeling more confident in my ability to make lifelong changes that can result in the body I have always dreamed. Yes, I know, four pounds isn't much. Oh how I wish it was more, but I have had a lot of data points in the last six weeks, meaning a lot of unsuccessful days. 

I love this book for two reasons. 1) It can be applied, well, to ANYTHING. Not just weight loss. Finances. Quitting an addiction. Getting a promotion. and 2) It felt peaceful. It made sense. And because of all that, it finally clicked.

I have created a page if you are interested in more about the book. See the "CHANGE ANYTHING" tab above.

And here's to more blog posts in the near future as I continue to become a new creature.
Thank you for joining me!

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