Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mad Miles March

So I had plans to do some sweet leg workout for the month of March or the popular Mad Abs March. However, I realized this month that I need to do some cardio to actually get to those muscles so I can see change. (I did feel change with the half of Fab Ab February that I did.)

Here's my proposal:

At least 5 days a week,
at least
one extra purposeful mile
to your life.
Walk, bike, swim,...

Some clarification.
If you already walk a lot, good for you.
Add another mile and walk it with purpose.

That's about 2000 extra steps times five.
Or 20 minutes five days a week if you walk with Leslie.
Doable. Very doable.
And good prep for our 30-day shred that will kick our bottoms in April.

Who's with me?

There is a page just for March up on the tabs bar.

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