Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 3 of the 8 week challenge

Thought it was time to check in again. Sunday marked the beginning of my 8-week challenge. I was so delighted last week when my brother approached me and said he was up for a competition so with mom and my husband on board, four of us are participating. It feels so good to have that kind of support. Last fall, I couldn't participate when my family did a biggest loser competition and then all desire to do another competition in January when I could petered out. So I'm pretty delighted.

As a side, I was going to discontinue the 4% in 4 weeks challenge but yesterday when I weighed in I had lost over 3 pounds in the week (that kind of number could easily be fluctuation, I know) so I'm going to stick with that too. Which only means I'm going to try to keep my calorie content low low low, but not unhealthy. So we'll see.

In the exercise department, I am very excited for a package that will be arriving on Monday. A DOUBLE STROLLER! We weren't going to purchase one but rather buy a wagon. But after much discussion, I want to be able to get out and about with the baby and tot now. A wagon wouldn't be safe for the baby yet, I didn't want to strap him to me and subject us both to the awful sweatiness that would occur, and my little lady isn't always the picture of cooperation if I tried to have her walk. I'm super excited to have the freedom to go out during the day. Can't wait! 

And for a little motivation:

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