Sunday, January 25, 2015

Some thoughts for this Sabbath evening

I need to get real for a second. I'm not going to lose 6 percent in 6 weeks. But I WILL lose 50 pounds this year 

In Relief Society today, our dear teacher shared part of her personal story which includes having to give up what she called "fun food" in order for her body to feel better, happier. This really hit me. I want to feel better, happier. 

Yesterday, in the temple, the thought came to me that my trouble with emotional eating might be remedied if I corrected my emotions instead of my eating. Not exactly profound but something I needed to hear. 

No solutions but I really REALLY want to see the change. I need to be okay that it won't happen overnight or even in six weeks. I have six days to ensure I end the month four to five pounds less than I started it. Here we go! 

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