Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week Three: + 1.0 [-2.2]

Not very pleased this morning. But then again the last seven days have been filled with cheat meals and moments. I haven't been working out or eating as I should. I need to do better if I want to see the change. 

A neighbor and friend brought over a book entitled, "The Eat-Clean Diet." Ironically, the book touts it isn't a diet but a lifestyle. (Maybe a change in title would have been good?) Anyway, I haven't wanted to give up all the things I love that aren't awesome for me but maybe it's time.{insert frownie face here} ...Maybe. 

Also, as I laid on the floor last night not wanting to finish a workout, I came to the conclusion that my hopes of actually losing 6% in the 6 week challenge is probably hopeless as I haven't been doing all that I need to in order to accomplish it. It was a sad moment, further solidified by a bummer weigh in this morning. 

Here's to the next seven days and new starts. May I have more control to tell myself no to the afternoon and late night snackies that include things like ice cream and yes to the workouts. 

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