Friday, January 24, 2014

Forever Fat

I've hit that wall. You know the one. The wall where you feel like giving up. Wouldn't being fat just be so much easier? Eating whatever you want whenever you want. Not standing on a scale ever. Now the tricky part would be clothes... I'd have to live in a mu'umu'u. That wouldn't be too bad. They look roomy and comfy.

The sad thing is I really haven't done anything special to try and lose weight. I just want to keep eating treats and drinking soda. Oh did I mention I've failed my weekly goal so far? 

Deep breaths. Losing weight is a good thing. I feel better when I'm being good about following my goals. Truth is, I don't feel great after eating treats or junk. Just while eating them. I know I'm addicted. It's easy to convince yourself you deserve a treat when you've had a rough day. When did food become a reward? 

Clearly I need to work on my mental game. I texted my husband yesterday and told him I am choosing to be fat. I don't think he got real excited about that. 

Quite self-talking like a fat person. Be skinny, mentally at least for now. 

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