Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in

Truth is, I've been dreading this weigh in all week. I knew it would be a gain. And now I have that hopeless feeling like I'm headed down the rabbit hole where I'm perpetually fat. Ugh. 

But I have to do something. Change something. Because, well, I shouldn't be surprised. I really have done nothing to try and lose weight and the reality is, you can't get something for nothing. I need to start actually following my plan for weight loss. Been a bit of a hypocrite, riding the wave of giving birth and nursing, letting them do all the work. Well they are gone now. Time to buck up! 

Weekly goal: drink water! Lots of it. Some milk. Nothing else. Nada. Zip. No soda. No juice. 

If I'm down next week, that may just be enough motivation to make this weekly goal a monthly goal, then maybe longer. 

Hope your week of weight loss was better than mine. Here's to improvement in the next seven days.


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